We‌‌ are‌ ‌one‌‌ people‌ ‌of‌‌ many‌‌ beliefs,‌‌ many‌‌ origins,‌‌ sexualities,‌‌ and‌‌ genders.‌‌ We‌‌ are‌‌ all‌‌ growing,‌‌ all‌‌ learning,‌‌ all‌‌ loved.‌ ‌Just‌‌ as‌‌ you‌‌ are,‌‌ you‌‌ are‌‌ welcome‌‌ here.

We gather together in spiritual community because we need constant reminders of what matters most in life. In a world of heartbreak and dehumanization, our congregations and communities call us to our better selves. We learn to live with more wisdom, more connection, and more compassion.

Our worship services are weekly reflections that weave together our own thoughts and experiences with music, beauty, poetry, and words that both comfort and challenge. They are designed to awaken us to our capacities to make a difference in our own lives and in the world. We are inspired not just by religious sources but by those whom with share the journey.

In addition to services led by Reverend Cindy Terlazzo, a variety of ordained guests take our pulpit. Lay led services are an important part of our worship as well. Be sure to visit us more than once to see what our worship is all about.

Sunday morning worship services are held at 10:30 AM in our little red church and online via Zoom. We are dual platform to meet the needs of our congregation and guests who would like to see what UUG is all about.

Visit THIS LINK to find suggestions for other UU congregations holding online services if UUG is “on break” for the day.

Please email uugettysburg@gmail.com to receive the Zoom link for our virtual service.