A Letter From Our Chapter Leader

The Unitarian Animal Ministry of Gettysburg is a group of concerned humans who work toward compassion for all beings. We advocate greater consideration of animals for their sake and ours.

We meet after church on the 4th Sunday of each month. This AM chapter:

  • Organizes pet food donations to local food pantries
  • Distributes informational literature
  • Offers ethical eating classes
  • Sponsors animal themed book giveaways
  • Promotes dog safety classes
  • Coordinates field trips
  • Advocates for the humane treatment of all living beings.

We inform our human friends of the connection between animals, the environment and ourselves.

For additional information, please check out the monthly newsletter of the national organization at www.uuam/org

Chapter Leader,
Lydia Obrist


The Animal Ministry is one of the newest committees established at UUG. Started by a UUG member who is a long term animal advocate, the committee serves as a source of nonhuman animal awareness and education for our members by relating the religious and spiritual aspects of our tradition to justice and ethical issues.

Goals for 2023-2024

  • Build on the pet food distribution program. Work with community pantries so they may themselves network with the groups and individuals that have available pet food resources.
  • Encourage individuals in the congregation to explore the possibility of a more plant-based diet.
    Inform those of the environmental and health benefits along with the compassion toward animals.
  • Hold events that remind the congregation of the blessings of all living beings in our lives. These connections help us live more fully and authentically.
  • Continue fundraising for the animal food program.
  • Continue to watch for opportunities to expand our prophetic work.
  • Increase awareness within UUG of the work done by the Animal Ministry.
  • Build a reliable funding stream to continue support of dog/cat food programs through local food pantries and MOW (Meals on Wheels).
  • Partner with outside agencies to conduct vegetarian cooking classes.
  • Distribute articles from UUAM or other resources on a regular basis to UUG members/friends through all PR methods used by UUG.
  • Work with the Worship Committee to build services relating to animal issues, and food sustainability/environment.
  • Consider conducting the DOVE (Demonstrating our Values through Eating) at UUG for members and friends and outside community.
  • Build a local political advocacy group for non-human animals.
  • Identify practices in PA that are detrimental to animal welfare and inform the congregation. Encourage them to be vocal with the government and groups that can help ban these practices.