Few of us were born Unitarian Universalists. Most stumble upon the tradition because a friend told us we “sound like a Unitarian” or we find some reference on the internet or popular media.

We peek in because we are curious. That first Sunday we come five minutes late so as not to draw attention to ourselves and sit in the back row so that we can bolt if need be. We leave just before the closing hymn, hoping to be unnoticed. We call these people “visitors” or “guests” and hope they will have the courage to return.

Those who do return are called “Friends” and we get to know their names and provide them with additional information. We invite them to potluck or book group. We put them on our email announcement list and, possibly, the directory. Friends can stay “friends” for as long as they like.

Many “friends” want to make a greater commitment to the congregation. They take the New UU class (offered twice a year) and decide whether or not to “sign the book” to become “members”. Members can vote in congregational elections and can serve on the Board. We expect our members to support our work through service, attendance, and financial support.

Speak to a Membership Greeter if you are curious about how to increase your participation in our community. You are most welcome here!