Reports from our 2019 Fall Program Meeting

UUG recently had our annually required Fall Program Meeting. See below for all the reports from the respective committees at our church:

Board and Committees

Board of Directors:

  • Eleanor Pella, Chair 
  • Don Zigler
  • Michele Jewel
  • Janice Rhoads
  • Bill Myers
  • Linda Miller, Past Chair
  • Treasury Team: Rich Jackson, Lydia Obrist, Ron Gilbert


There are Task Forces within some committees.

Worship, Chair Susan Swope

This committee is responsible for the content of all services and for seeking speakers for services.

Aesthetics, Chair Donna Brown

The Aesthetics Committee is responsible for coordinating the overall ambiance and beauty of the sanctuary area.  They will work in concert with the Facilities Committee and any other committees which may affect or be affected by their efforts.  The committee will arrange for seasonal decor, art and craft shows (currently every 8 weeks), and service table weekly.

Membership, Chair Kris Eyssell

Finance/Stewardship Team: Lydia Obrist, Ron Gilbert, Rich Jackson

Religious Education

We are looking for a group of individuals who are interesting in forming a team to provide a liberal religious education program for our children. The congregation has resources to hire professional help. There is already an excellent curriculum available for classes. So speak up if you are looking for a place for your children. Please call Florence March 717.357.1530 if you would like to make suggestions or participate.